10" Spikes

Our 10” spikes are non galvanized to promote rusting once set into the earth. The rust buildup acts as an anchor and supports a stronger hold as it staples itself into the ground. These spiral spikes are used in conjunction with our Edge Guards and are often used to peg down our Geotextile products or Filter Cloth.



Our adhesives are the industry standard used by contractors for the most industrial applications. These glues are used to bond copings to all retaining wall stone, pool edges, step treads, locking caps on top of columns and pillars, or anything else you may need to bond to natural stone or interlocking products. (sets in about 20 minutes)

Aluminum Stakes

aluminum stakes

Heavy-duty 12” interlocking aluminum stakes designed to securely anchor edging units into the ground.



We offer a large selection of storm drains, end caps and connectors, solid drain piping and perforated drain piping with sock protectors to prevent silt from entering the channel. Weather you want to guide water further away from your foundation from your existing eavestroughs, or you are creating a new landscape that requires standard or unique drainage materials, we carry the inventory needed to meet any request.

Edge Guards

Edge Guards

Our edging selection is impressive and includes the industry standard Snap-Edge system which is used for retaining hardscape products. We carry a variety of aluminum edgings for more aesthetic finishes for retaining tree rings, garden beds, or to retain anything that may tend to erode i your landscape design. Often connected by a clipping system or with spikes, we offer all of the accessories needed in the edging market.

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Commonly known as filter cloth or landscape fabric, these weed barriers are used in all landscape projects. Our industrial grade fabrics are available by the square foot, and are used for lining the base of garden beds, lining the base of an excavation for all hardscape surfaces, lining the backs of retaining walls, framing french drains, separating unique aggregates or decorative products, and wrapping pipes to prevent sediment in permeable applications. Geogrids and woven synthetic fabric also available in many sizes.

Gator Base

Gator Base

Evolution in base technology

  • Save Time, Save Labor, Save Money
  • Save 5 inches of needless excavation
  • Save 5 inches of crushed stone
  • Save the cost of truck and driver on the road
  • Save on costly dumping fees
  • Save wear and tear on machinery
  • Save on labor costs
  • Save overall installation time
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Marking Paint

Marking Paint

Use our marking paint to shape your hardscapes, sofscapes, or any outdoor living areas before you start to dig. By drawing out your garden areas or patios, you can get a better vision for the scale of each area, angles and curves of all edges, and gain the confidence in the work ahead.
Marking paint is available in white, yellow, orange, red, and black.

Polymeric Sand & Stabilizer Sand

Polymeric Sand

Polymeric Sand is the industry standard joint filler used for all hardscape surfaces. These sands have an adhesive within the ingredients which allow the product to set in the paver joints like concrete, yet has flexibility and will not crack when the earth moves throughout the different seasons.
Creative Landscape Depot is a proud supplier of EV Evolution and Flexlock polymeric sand.

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Sealers & Cleaners


Stains on your stone, tile or grout happen easily - juice, mustard, olive oil and dirt can leave permanent stains. Protect your surface against both oil-based and water-based stains with the right sealer. Sealing also makes everyday clean-up easier.
Creative Landscape Depot is a proud supplier of the Aquamix Sealer & Stain remover product line, and Jeric Sealents

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Turf Staples

Turf Staples

Turf staples are designed to keep landscape fabrics in place to help protect your garden. These U-shaped spikes are made from 11-gauge steel wire for durability, and can be reused.
Available by unit or in bulk.
6" x 1" x 11 gauge.



All Creative Landscape Depot wheelbarrows are extremely sturdy. The dual position plates ensure stability for heavy loads and replacable wheels deliver superior unit longevity. Recommended for trades and Do It Yourself clients.