Guillotined Armour Mocha armour stone stacked on skid

Guillotined Armour Mocha

Guillotined Armour Mocha armour stone loaded on truck for delivery

Guillotined Armour Mocha

The unique Mocha tone is a personal preference. Popular in the GTA region, and often used on formal home designs.


All sizes available by request. Lengths are generally between 24-60” per unit.


Ontario limestone


Blend of yellow, beige, and white tones, with a subtle touch of green.


Sold by the pound, whether purchasing by full skid or unit. Custom full load pricing available by request. Full loads are 44 ton average.


6 - 9 units per skid, or bulk, depending on size.

Average Weight

600 lbs


Machine required to move skids, and carry each individual stone. One person can shift stone by hand or tool into final position.


Edges & borders, retaining walls, steps, modern designs, hard-to-access areas, small areas offering little depth, pool-deck retaining walls or borders.