Guillotined Cubes Bulk armour stone piles

Guillotined Cubes Bulk

Guillotined Cubes Bulk armour stone base of pile

Guillotined Cubes Bulk

Guillotined Cubes Bulk armour stone cubes detail shot

Guillotined Cubes Bulk

Select your individual stones out of our bulk selection, and enjoy the benefit of installing them with ease.

No machine is required to shift these extremely cubical stones, and the shape makes the placement process very easy and uniform.


9-14” tall x 9-14” depth x random lengths in inventory. Other sizes available by request. Lengths are generally between 14-30” per unit.


Ontario limestone


Mix of grey and beige tones


Sold by the pound. Custom full load pricing available by request. Full loads are 38 ton average.



Average Weight

100lbs - 300lbs


Cubes are maneuvered and installed use of small machine, dolly, or by hand.


Edges & borders, retaining walls, steps, modern designs, hard-to-access areas, small areas offering little depth, pool-deck retaining walls or borders, garden accent stones.