Premium Charcoal armour stone two stones up close showing texture and detail

Premium Charcoal

Premium Charcoal armour stone stacked in yard

Premium Charcoal

Premium Charcoal armour stone piled in yard

Premium Charcoal

Charcoal has been a very desired colour the past couple of years, and works well with many other charcoal stone options, including steps, flagstones, and interlocking brick pavers.

Our charcoal armour selection is compiled of premium grade, extremely cubical material, and custom selected by our supplier for our CREATIVE account specifically.


12” / 16” / 18” / 20” / 22” heights in stock at all times. Depths are random, and generally between 16-30”, while lengths vary between 24-60.” Other sizes available by request.


Ontario limestone


Dark grey / charcoal


Sold by the pound. Custom full load pricing available by request. Full loads are 28-32 ton average.


Inventoried by each height increment in bulk

Average Weight

12” stone average 400lbs / 16” = 850lbs / 18” = 1400lbs / 20” = 1800lbs / 22” = 2000lbs


Machine required to move and place stone.


Single-tier retaining walls, garden accent stones.