Skidded Perfect Fit armour stone truckload

Skidded Perfect Fit

Skidded Perfect Fit armour stone detail

Skidded Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit skidded stone is more cubical then any other skidded armour materials. These cubes make life easy when installing, and building retains walls or borders where a consistent height is required.

As the industry moves towards a cleaner, less rustic, landscape design, the perfect fit works well when selecting product!


12-14” tall x 12-14” deep x 18-24” lengths


Ontario Limestone


Brown tones


Sold by the pound, whether purchasing by full skid or unit. Custom full load pricing available by request. Full loads are 44 ton average.


12-16 stones per skid. Skids are either plastic wrapped, wire caged, or metal strapped.

Average Weight

300 lbs average per unit. 5000 lbs average per skid.


Machine required to move entire skid or multiple products, but each stone can be rolled or shifted by hand or dolly.


Edges and borders, retaining walls, modern designs, hard-to-access areas, small areas offering little depth, pool-deck retaining walls or borders. Often installed with the natural face upright for strong curbing applications.