Hazelton walls with pillars and dark caps next to cedar hedging


The Hazelton Wall combines the detailed texture of natural stone with modern engineering and strength. With twelve different surface textures, Hazelton provides a beautiful random finish enhancing your landscape environment. Offered in a variety of colours, the Hazelton locking system works seamlessly with our Garden Lockā„¢ wall system and coping units for creative horizontal banding and accenting.

There are 60 units and 5 rows per skid. The dimensions and locking system of the Hazelton wall can work seamlessly with the Garden Lock block and coping units in tandem or as an accent. The Hazelton wall is a double-sided wall, making it useful for applications where both sides of the wall will be visible.

Colour Options

Hazelton Best Way Stone Wall Beige Mix colour option
Beige Mix
Hazelton Best Way Stone Wall Grey Mix colour option
Grey Mix
Hazelton Best Way Stone Wall Ultra Black colour option
Ultra Black

Unit Dimensions

Hazelton Best Way Stone Wall unit detail
Wall Unit
11.81 x 8.86 x 4.92in
300 x 225 x 125mm
Hazelton Best Way Stone Wall corner unit detail
Corner Unit
12.80 x 6.89 x 4.92in
325 x 175 x 125mm