Our planters and urns are made of high-quality and long-lasting synthetic, stainless steel, and ceramic materials.

We carry a variety of planters and urns which look great indoors and outdoors.

Pure Series

Metallic Series

Corten Series

Corten Rusting Guide

Geo Series

Pro Series

Creative Extended Collection

Acacia Wood Stand Pot

Acacia Wood Stand Series

Acacia Wood Stand

Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Vases

Fibreglass Concrete Black Cone

fibreglass concrete black pot

Fibreglass concrete white cone

Fibreglass concrete white pot

Fibreglass concrete white tapered

Fibreglass wood series black

Fibreglass wood series white

Stainless steel long planter

Stainless steel square

Stainless steel tapered

Antique Fibreglass Drop


Fiberclay Column

Fiberclay Cone

Fiberclay Flower Box

Fiberclay Tapered

Fiberstone Cone

Fiberstone Flower Box

Fiberstone Square

Fiberstone Tapered

Fishnet Large

Fishnet Small



Paper Bag

Raw Large

Raw Small


Zink Arch

Zink Cone

Zink Flower Box

Zink Tapered

Limestone Bowl

Steel Sphere

Stainless Steel Cone

Stone Candle Holders

Stone Candle Holders

Stone Candle Holders