Decorative Stone

Choosing the right Decorative Stone for your garden and landscape should be fun. With so many options, including size, colour, and texture available, selecting the stone to compliment your personal style and other surrounding elements is easy! Decorative stones, carefully selected, can build a modern landscape, traditional designs, or shape a very rustic and natural outcome.

Use your imagination and spend some time researching how to use our selection of decorative material to include as garden accents, water features, rivers and ponds, or even engraved features stones.


Basalt is a foreign stone to region, and offers unique purple and green tones which vibrate and compliment with our domestic landscape products and plans. Our Basalt selection is grand, and the possibilities are endless with the range of sizes, shapes, textures, and custom cut products we have imported and inventoried.

Basalt comes to us from many distant parts of the world, making it a foreign gem to our stone collection. This uniquely shaped rock is formed by the earth’s heaving crust, fiery volcanoes, and colliding terraces. In most cases, Basalt sheds from the earth in long, thin columns, making the harvesting process and ultimate contours of the stone very unique to standard hardscape products.