Decorative Stone is a permanent landscape solution that brings a clean and fresh look in any landscape design. Stone mulches will enhance raised landscape beds, tree wells, patio edging, pathways and perennial beds. Decorative stone is also great for filling urns weather indoor our out, and used for decorative interior designs such as filling vases or bowls. Adding the colour and texture of stone indoors creates a wonderful atmosphere and ambience! When properly installed using our edging and landscape fabric, your decorative stone will give lasting beauty year after year. The aesthetic and functional use of stone mulch will save you the yearly cost of mulching with wood mulches.


  • Retains soil moisture in gardens
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Enhances drainage
  • Prevents erosion of soil and other plant material
  • Does not attract insects or harbor weed seeds
  • Does not blow away, rot, or change colour
  • Easy maintenance of garden beds
  • Available in many colours, sizes, textures
  • Adds accent colours to overall landscape designs

Heat Treated Fire Stones, Crushed Glass, and Glass Pebbles

These decorative stones are suitable for all fire features, including modern fire bowl decoration. Heat treated products prevent cracking and popping when placed directly over gas, propane, or wood burning burners and flames. Click here to jump to our heat treated collection below!

3/16" Crushed Black Granite

Black Granite (15% pink)

Ebony Granite

1/2" Crushed Brick / Beauty Drive

1" Crushed Brick / Terrastone

1-3" Natural River Rock

4-8" Natural River Rock

1" Granite River Rock

1-3" Granite River Rock

4-8" Granite River Rock

Granite Boulders


Red Lava

Black Lava


Red Granite

Red Granite (15% Black)

Barn Red

Pink Quartz

Polished Red Pebble

Polished Black Pebble

Polished White Pebble

Polished Mixed Pebble

Semi-Polished Slate Black

Fire Stone Semi Polished Off White Light Gray

Fire Stone Semi-Polished White

Fire Stone Slate Black Highly Polished

Fire Stone Unpolished Black & Gray

Mexican Beach Pebble Tan

Mexican Beach Pebble Gray

Navajo Skippers

Fire Stone Ivory Tan

Fire Stone Highly Polished Black

2.25" Ceramic Fire Balls

Reflective Black

Reflective Blue

Reflective Gray

Ice Clear

White Crystal

Black Glass Pebbles

Coffee Glass Pebbles

Ice Clear Glass Pebbles