Drywalls have been used for retaining and aesthetically appealing applications for centuries. The flexibility of these walls offer strength and longevity that brick and mortar designed walls may not. Building a drywall requires lots of time and careful attention to detail.

However, the result is a wall that is both timeless and totally unrivaled in appearance. Built using rip rap, rubble, and other non-calibrated stone, a well built drywall is always an elegant and respected part of any landscape.

Drywall / Rip Rap

modern unique dry stack wall
large dry stack wall stones pile
varied stones form a dry stack wall curving around a circular patio
very large pile of red drywall dry stack wall stones
tightly stacked dry wall stone and steps in front yard of urban home
long low stone garden wall
small round boulders in drywall enclosing mulch bed and ferns
triple curved dry stack wall enclosing circular firepit sitting area
heap of drywall dry stack stones
Drywall/Rip Rap wall with flowers growing through the cracks
drywall rip rap wall beside sidewalk with fence above
top of a massive pile of red dry stack wall stones
drywall rip rap wall with semi-circular stepping stone
drywall rip rap wall with long strands of vegetation coming through the wall
drywall rip rap thick slabs
drywall rip rap backyard construction project
drywall rip rap large stone chunks
low curved dry stack wall between patio and lawn
drywall rip rap country ranch house tiered yard
drywall rip rap irregular stones