Basalt Columns stacked in stoneyard

Basalt Columns

Basalt Columns on skids

Basalt Columns

Basalt Columns stones in yard

Basalt Columns

Our collection of Basalt Columns are harvested from the Mongolian fjords and the North American mountain regions. They are carefully picked out of the earth, where they are naturally heaved outwards in finger-like structures.

These columns are not refined to make their shape, and their character therefore area conversational piece. Columns are not drilled, offer a nice rustic texture and neutral colours, and are generally tall and think units.


On average, 10-20” diameter x 24-60” tall. We also have small 3-5” diameter units x 24” tall now in stock.


Mongolian and North American Basalt


Mix of greys, oxidized browns, and some off white tones


Sold by the pound


Generally standing vertical on skids, making the selection process easier.

Average Weight

2ft tall = 300 lbs / 3ft tall = 4500 lbs / 4ft tall = = 600 lbs / 5ft tall = 800-1500 lbs


Machine required to remove each column, normally by slinging the stone off of its skid using straps, and then carefully placed lying down on another pallet for shipping and handling. One person can roll or move a column by hand or using a dolly.


Impressive decorative garden accents, corner accents, columns placed beside steps, tall plants, or book-shelving a stoner wall. Columns are often used to form groupings when building water features with drilled basalt columns.