Basalt Natural Bowls in flower planter

Basalt Natural Bowls

Basalt Natural Bowls with water in bowl

Basalt Natural Bowls

Basalt Natural Bowls square and circular shapes

Basalt Natural Bowls

Basalt Natural Bowls decorative shapes

Basalt Natural Bowls

Place a Basalt Dish in your garden, front porch, back patio, or subtly placed under a tree. Our selection offers all sizes and characteristics, and have beautiful colour variations. When dry, you can place foods for squirrels and birds.

A Basalt dish will bring the presence of all the local bird species to your gardens, as they will clean and play in the small pool of naturally collected water each day.


Random sizes, on average 12” / 24” / 36” tall x 24” -30” diameter, concave top.


North American Basalt


Mix of greys and oxidized browns


Sold by the unit


Independent units on skids

Average Weight

800 - 2200 lbs


Machine required to move and place majority of all basalt bowls. One or two people could potentially shift a smaller unit to its final setting


Decorative garden or property features, bird baths, water features beside a landscaped living space or patio, offering the sound and visual of water trickling down the side of the bowl.