Basalt Pedestals polished decorative stones

Basalt Pedestals

Basalt Pedestals product texture

Basalt Pedestals

Basalt Pedestals polished stone bench

Basalt Pedestals

Basalt Pedestals stacked stones

Basalt Pedestals

The Basalt Pedestals are sawn cut both top and bottom for the ease of creating an easy stone bench. With so many CREATIVE bench tops to chose from in our stone slab selection, these pedestals make for a charming footing.

Our clients also use the Pedestals for side tables for setting their coffee or glass of wine on when relaxing in their landscape.


8-14” diameter x 14” or 18” tall units, sawn top and bottom


North American Basalt


Blend of white, grey, brown, and even subtle black tones


Sold by the unit


Multiple units standing vertical on pallets

Average Weight

14” tall = 60lbs / 18” tall = 80-120 lbs


Easy to move or roll by hand


Used to build stone benches, side-tables, or to support urns, bowls, or other small garden features