Basalt Skins on skid

Basalt Skins

Basalt Skins sides and edges of stones

Basalt Skins

Basalt Skins in yard

Basalt Skins

Basalt Skins large sizes

Basalt Skins

Basalt Skins showing texture of stones

Basalt Skins

Skins are low-bodied stones, with a sawn bottom, which reduces weight and makes them easy to maneuver by hand. Often called cropping stones, the art behind incorporating Basalt Skins into a landscape is the complete subtlety of their presence.

Value is found in the modest design, as these rocks simply heave gently out of the earths surface, accenting the surrounding plants and other elements. Used for Japanese garden designs, decorative stone beds, water features, and carefully placed in any garden bed.


6-10” tall x 20” wide x 30-48” long


North American Basalt


Blend of white, grey, brown, and even subtle black tones


Sold by the pound


Lying down horizontal on skids

Average Weight

450 lbs


One or two people can move and install these stones with eaze. Machine or dolly use would be of assistance but not required.


Used for cropping stones within gardens, as accents and subtle addition of weight and substance to the overall landscape.