Granite Boulders on boulevard

Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders pink and green surface details

Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders firepit

Granite Boulders

Granite Boulders with mossy details

Granite Boulders

Decorative Granite Boulders are round in nature, are commonly used for creating water features, lining ponds, and shaping river beds. The circular shapes and random sizes can be used for decorative stones in your garden, or as a low maintenance ground cover.

Granite does not leach or contaminate water, making them a durable source for any water feature.


12x12” through 36x36” diameter round boulders


Ontario granite


Variety of grey, pink, red, blue, and green hues. Black stones often available.




Sold by the pound. Special pricing available for full loads of roughly 20 tons.

Average Weight

12x12” = 120 lbs / 24x24” = 1600lbs / 36x36” = 2600 lbs - all averages


Machine required for anything larger then 20” diameter stone. Moving Granite Boulders is easier then other cubical product as they are rollable.


Garden accents, rural-style retaining walls, cropping within river rock garden beds, independent accent stones throughout a property, or most commonly used for framing and building water features.