Moss Rock boulder

Moss Rock

Moss Rock pile on skids

Moss Rock

Moss Rock creek

Moss Rock

Moss Rock lichen stones on skids

Moss Rock

Moss Rock stones in bin

Moss Rock

Moss Rock pile of boulders

Moss Rock

Moss Rock on truck

Moss Rock

Add an array of naturally-occurring colours with lasting beauty to your garden by carefully selecting and placing our Moss Rock. throughout your landscape. Their rugged texture brings definition and provides the perfect contrast to the hosts of delicate flowers in your garden.  

Harvested from a variety of exotic locations, our carefully-chosen Mossy’s reflect their indigenous surroundings with a sense of character and history.


10” tall x 12” depth x random lengths in inventory. Other sizes available by request. Lengths are generally between 24-60” per unit. Other popular requested heights are 18-22,” and they are often also in stock.


Ontario limestone


Light grey, some white and soft beige tones.


Sold by the pound, whether purchasing by full skid or unit. Custom full load pricing available by request. Full loads are 44 ton average.


9 units per skid

Average Weight

Average skid weights 5800 lbs, while each stone weights between 300 - 600lbs.


Machine required to move skids, and carry each individual stone. One person can shift stone by hand or tool into final position.


Edges and borders, retaining walls, steps, modern designs, hard-to-access areas, small areas offering little depth, pool-deck retaining walls or borders.