Black flagstone backyard patio full width of house


Black flagstone curved patio


Black flagstone curved black patio and chairs


Black flagstone with moss between stones


Black is a dolomitic limestone that has been proven to be durable in any climate. it has a typical limestone texture that is generally smooth with occasional raven patches. Unique for a limestone, it has a relatively consistent dark grey and back colour.

The edges are sawn and this clean cut appearance and special colouration make it an ideal material for both contemporary garden designs and modern interiors. Consider blending with other stones to provide contrasts of colour and texture.


12” x 24” (300mm x 600mm), 18” x 24” (450mm x 600mm), 24” x 24” (600mm x 600mm), 24” x 36” (600mm x 900mm). All pavers are 1” thick calibrated (+/- 1mm). Custom sizes available by request.


300mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm Approximately: 160 sq. ft / crate 450mm x 600mm, 600mm x 900mm Approximately: 240 sq. ft / crate Sales: sold by the square foot.

Average Weight

Depending on requested size.


China limestone


Dull black when dry or aged, and pure black when wet or sealed.


Sold by the square foot.


Flame finish, sawn edges, calibrated bottom. The surface is almost completely smooth.

Complimentary Products

Coping, steps and step risers, pier caps, edging, counter tops, armour stone.


Walkways, patios, concrete overlays, steps, stepping stones, interior and exterior flooring, wall accents, fireplace hearths and mantels.


Install by hand