Porcelain flagstone Coast

Porcelain (Coast)

Porcelain flagstone Greige

Porcelain (Greige)

Porcelain flagstone Moongrey

Porcelain (Moongrey)

Porcelain flagstone Seashell

Porcelain (Seashell)

Porcelain flagstone Silver

Porcelain (Silver)

Porcelain flagstone Tundra

Porcelain (Tundra)

Porcelain flagstone Nero

Porcelain (Nero)

Porcelain flagstone wall with wood stacked on the side

Porcelain (Trust Silver)

Porcelain flagstone trust titanium

Porcelain (Trust Titanium)

Porcelain flagstone trust gold

Porcelain (Trust Gold)

Porcelain flagstone bloc grigio

Porcelain (Block Grigio)

Porcelain flagstone block bianco

Porcelain (Block Bianco)

Porcelain flagstone block beige

Porcelain (Block Beige)

Porcelain flagstone seastone grey

Porcelain (Seastone Grey)

Porcelain flagstone sunrock bourgogne sand

Porcelain (Bourgogne Sand)

The monolithic ceramic pieces of 20 mm thickness, in rectified monocaliber porcelain stoneware in 60x60cm and 45x90 cm size, have been designed for those looking for the perfect balance between technical functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The excellent performance in terms of resistance, reliability and safety offers incredible value, and a high breakage load more then 1000kg per unit.


0.75” thick x 24x24” square (20mm thick x 600mm x 600mm) & 0.75” thick x 18x36” rectangular (20mm x 450mm x 900mm)


24x24” units = 2 units per box, 75 lbs per box, 30 boxes per skid, 2183 lbs per skid / 18x36” units = 2 units per box, 80 lbs per box, 54 boxes per skid, 2235 lbs per skid.

Average Weight

37 lbs & 40 lbs per unit


China porcelain


4 products, each with one or more colour options.


Sold by the square foot, by box of 2 units minimum.


Walkways, patios, porch & concrete overlays, facing steps, stepping stones, interior & exterior flooring.


Install by hand