Grey steps concrete cast


Grey steps stacked and skidded


Grey is an imported sandstone step, favoured by landscaper designers, architects, and professionals. All sandstone steps are well crafted, have perfectly hand-rocked faces, crisp corners, and surface textures that showcase a true natural stone finish.

The light tones of the Grey step is often used in very formalized landscape designs. Grey is also available in hollow step options for 3ft and 4ft length steps.


6” or 7” rise x 16” tread x 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8ft lengths

Average Weight

3ft = 380 lbs / 4ft = 510 lbs / 5ft = 640 lbs / 6ft = 770 lbs / 7ft = 900 lbs / 8ft = 1030 lbs


Indian sandstone


Light grey


Natural finish, hand-pitched face and sides, sawn back and bottom.