G-Force Techo Bloc walled garden with tall grass


This new hollow-core wall block is a budget-conscious retaining wall system featuring the same great quality and dimensional tolerance you would expect of Techo-Bloc’s dry cast systems. The smooth texture produces a modern look and is available in two grey tones and two brown tones to provide greater design versatility.

Engineered to be light-weight, easy to install and structurally sound, these single square-face-foot units provide the ultimate in on-site productivity without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Colour Options

G-Force Techo Block Wall Sandlewood colour option
G-Force Techo Block Wall Shale Grey colour option
Shale Grey
G-Force Techo Block Wall Chestnut Brown colour option
Chestnut Brown
G-Force Techo Block Wall Champlain Grey colour option
Champlain Grey