Prescott Techo Bloc Wall behind a pine muskoka chair and enclosing a patio


Prescott Techo Bloc Wall around stairs and leading up to bbq patio


Prescott Techo Bloc walled firepit filled with logs and patio set in the background


Beautifully crafted, the chiseled face of the Prescott wall will integrate seamlessly creating a natural backyard oasis. Available in two different heights, the Prescott wall provides endless versatility for your backyard to create walls, partitions and visually interesting freestanding elements.

Fire pits have become a popular application for this wall stone, creating beautiful focal points for outdoor kitchens and patios. With the effortless color combination and flexibility the Prescott wall is sure to make a statement.

Colour Options

Prescott Techo Block Wall Victoria colour option
Prescott Techo Block Wall Riviera colour option
Prescott Techo Block Wall Rock Garden Brown colour option
Rock Garden Brown