Semma Techo Bloc retaining walls in tiered backyard and iron chair


Semma Techo Bloc Wall enclosing fancy restaurant patio with white leather chairs and ornate glass tables


Semma Techo Bloc retaining walls set in a beautiful patio and open forest backdrop


A 6″ x 16″ double-sided segmental retaining wall, with tapered sides and an independent mechanical interlock allowing for a vertical or battered wall. Semma also has tremendous shear strength (block to block contact), void fill interlock (4 cored system with contractor gravel-filled cores), and a ½” bond for joint dispersion.

Semma wall, with an integrated corner on every layer, makes a great solution to the raised patio quandary: building a structural wall and topping it with a parapet (free-standing wall). Use the Semma pillars to finish or add drama or light features to your wall.

Colour Options

Semma Techo Block Wall Champlain Grey colour option
Champlain Grey
Semma Techo Block Wall Chestnut Brown colour option
Chestnut Brown
Semma Techo Block Wall Mojave Beige colour option
Mojave Beige
Semma Techo Block Wall Sandlewood colour option
Semma Techo Block Wall Shale Grey colour option
Shale Grey