If you are planning on having retaining walls built on your property, consider using Unilock’s premium wall stones. They have the beautiful appearance of natural stones but greater durability than natural materials.

Unilock stones also allow for a simplified installation process thanks to their tongue-and-groove design which eliminates the need for mortar. And, because they are available with tapered edges, you can build either straight or curved walls depending on your vision for your property.

Retaining walls can serve many important purposes, including:

Making your property look more attractive – New vertical elements can give your property added visual appeal.

Giving you new places to plant flowers – When you transform a sloped landscape into one that is tiered with retaining walls, you will have many excellent new spaces for planting flowers and shrubs.

Preventing soil erosion – By putting an end to steep slopes on your property, you can help prevent your soil from washing away when it rains.