Masonal Stone products range from countless colours of limestones, granites, gabbro, gneiss and marble. These veneer stones are organized into Rustic, Ledgestone, Rubble, Valley Estate, Granite, and Glacier Marble collections.

Consider building with natural stone for your next landscaping product, the greenest and longest lasting building material ever created. Quarried in Canada, these veneer stone products add permanent value to your property.

Rustic Collection

Our Rustic wilderness Collection includes a great variety of colours and textures of natural edged stones laid in gentle flowing lines by skilled masons. The natural bed layers visible in the stones highlight the footprint of time and gravity as sediment turned to rock.

The mostly rectangular stones are reminiscent of old traditional stone buildings where masons split and shaped each piece to fit angular lines.

Ledgestone Collection

Our Ledgestone Collection is a mosaic of texture, colour, and shade, highlighting the creative artistry of a master craftsmen. The random patterns of thinly sliced stones takes great time and skill to lay, but the overall impression is breathtaking.

You never tire of gazing at this art form hanging on the most visible parts of your home. All the types of ledgestone combinations offered by Masonal Stone can effortlessly blend with any colour palettes.

Rustic Rubble Collection

Stones in our Rustic Rubble Collection have one thing in common, they combine different shapes, sizes, and colours into an artisan's collage. With the right mason, each wall or fireplace transforms into a work of fine art.

These collections convey moods and tones that enhance other handmade craftsmanship details both inside and outdoors. Adding these veneer stones to your project adds timeless value and unique character to your property.

Valley Estate Collection

Our Valley Estate collection blends the beauty of natural stone with the sophistication of crisp detailed lines. Stones are cut to specific combinations allowing masons to tighten joints, lay patterns, and convey an elegance in fine detail.

Masons can also shape the natural stone to create depth, add shadows and contours -- to give the wall life. The crisp lines resultant from building with these veneer stones make them particularly well suited to modern stone design applications.

Granite Collection

Our new Granite Collection has emerged from many requests by designers and architects. The ageless attraction of our Ontario granites inspire new colour palettes for visitors to our Canadian Shield.

Our granites range in colours and styles from subtle greys and blues to the more traditional black and pinks. Our ashlars come hand rocked to accent depth and in precut combinations to simplify installation.

Glacier Marble Collection

Our dimensional marble stone comes in a combination of heights with features ranging from elegant joint lines to rough rectangular shapes.

Some of our marble veneer stones show the split face characteristics of the stone and sedimentary lines, while others look wonderful when slightly pitched.