Ontario Stone Veneers sources stone blocks from numerous quarries throughout Ontario. These blocks are then shipped to our facility in Meaford, Ontario, where they are hand-chipped and sawn into natural stone veneers.

Every piece of stone is hand-picked and chiseled by masons who have a passion for the art of masonry and natural stone. The craftsmanship involved in creating our traditional and contemporary lines of natural stone veneers will amaze any mason!

Contemporary Series

Our contemporary series of stone is unlike any other natural stone currently available in North America. This stone, utilizes natural limestone that is quarried and hand chipped in Ontario and is available in 2 ¼” & 5" heights, with an average thickness of 1”.

This stone can be installed as a dry-stack or with a grouted joint. The linear layout of this series creates a contemporary look that will modernize any space yet the neutral colour palette and traditional texture makes this stone timeless.

Masonry Blend

Our series of masonry blend veneers have been tastefully blended by our masons to match the traditional look and feel of full bed stone that has been installed throughout the stone industry for many decades. This stone, utilizes natural limestone that is quarried and hand-chipped in Ontario.

These veneer stones consist of a blend of 2 ¼”, 5” and 7 ¾” heights with an average thickness of 1”. It is possible to install this veneer stone in a traditional masonry bond with a ½” grout joint or can be laid in a running bond of consistent heights for a modern look.

Farm Blend

The Creative Farm Blend Series offers all of the formal and quality aspects of our Ontario limestone veneers, and includes a more rustic approach to the other product lines.

The farm blend has a more rustic or rubble stone within its blend, which naturally breaks the masonry lines within the relatively modular pattern.