Rosemount veneer stone kitchen island


Rosemount veneer stone library reception desk


Rosemount veneer stone exterior wall


Rosemount veneer stone house


Rosemount Ledgestone is sophisticated in appearance and breathtaking with the right lighting. The thinner and thicker stones give a wonderful dimensional shadow effect when lit from the top. This product does fade in direct sunlight.

We do sell a brand of sealer with UV protection if this is a concern. Leave a little room inbetween stones to help match heights with a tolerance of +- 1/16" per piece.


1.375" - 4.125" high x 6" - 22"+ long x 0.5" - 1.5" wide

Approx Weight

13.5 lbs/SF


Tan, Brown, and Black tones

Type of Stone

Soft Limestone

Special Instructions / Info

Not available in fullbed; height tolerance 1/16". Fades in the sun.